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The China Connection

It’s a year after Hong Kong’s reversion to China. Aaron and Kellie’s dual purpose Hong Kong trip for business and pleasure descends into chaos when Kellie fails to deliver the blueprint Chinese entrepreneurs seek in hopes of greater riches in the U.S. market. After a day-long meeting, she awakes the next morning across the border in southern China without her travel documents. Aaron, while waiting for Kellie’s return, is attacked in his hotel room. He panics.

Helpless, Aaron enlists the aid of Roger, a retired Customs attaché in Hong Kong. Roger questions the nature of the contents of millions of containers leaving Hong Kong and wonders how he can profit from it. Aaron and Roger cobble together a group of people to rescue Kellie from across the border. This small group of government and non-government people engage in questionable tactics to find Kellie.

Can the group come together to save Kellie or will their personal ambitions prevail?

Pendulum Over the Pacific

In Pendulum Over the Pacific, the President’s nephew and advisor goes rogue, teaming with a hawkish U.S. Senator who is scheming to force Japan to lower its trade surplus with the U.S. The senator and nephew see Japan’s trade surplus as a threat to the U.S. economy. They decide to manipulate facts and use history to their advantage to force the President to renegotiate an existing U.S.-Japan trade deal. It’s the 1980s when Japan was the “bad” trade partner, before China’s rise.

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The Fortunate Son

The Fortunate Son recounts the parallel lives of an army brat and a group of Vietnam veterans who intersect decades after the war. The veterans open up to me, the army brat, perhaps in a way they never have with their own families. Why? Through my father, Top, their First Sergeant, we have a common link. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know each other. They begin to understand the sacrifices of an army family. But, more importantly, they want me to understand how our family’s sacrifice and my father’s tour of duty in Vietnam with them, in the jungles, gave them confidence to believe they would make it home alive.

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